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Alisa Stern. Doctor Puppet. Episodes 1 & 2

Doctor Puppet explora el misterio en The Red X y continua sus aventuras en The Conjunction of Eleven, dos cortometrajes de animación stop-motion dirigidos por Alisa Stern junto a Nerdist.También se incluye un Tercer cortometraje 'How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas'

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Alisa's Animation Site
via laughingsquid | nerdist
Hullo! I'm Alisa. (Uh-Lee-Suh.) I'm an animation artist living and working in New York City. My specialties include stop motion, After Effects, and Photoshop. I also build puppets, props and sets. In the past few years I've worked on many high profile projects in a variety of capacities. I've animated for Nick Jr's “Team Umizoomi,” designed backgrounds for Nick Jr's "The Wonder Pets," directed a marionette puppet music video that was short-listed for a Grammy, and created a nerdy stop motion sensation. Thanks for dropping by!

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