Educación sentimental para la niña de tus ojos

Tyrone Lebon. Lara Stone. i-D Magazine

When you think of the term supermodel, what visions do you conjure? Runways, glossy editorials, and acres of designer clothing? That makes perfect sense. So, you would be forgiven for not including a bowl of fruit in said visions. But that is exactly what i-D magazine have done with Lara Stone in their upcoming Q&A issue.

The photographer Tyrone Lebon and fashion director Charlotte Stockdale shot five covers with supers Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Amura Cerkezovic, and Reuben Ramacher — but it is Lara Stone’s shoot that captures our imagination. The witty pictures of Stone carrying two strategically placed glasses of wine (semi-NSFW) with Lara’s hair is swept up and off her shoulders in a messy, dramatic up-do, which gives her a touch of vulnerability or with her head in a bowl of fruit help to remind us that fashion, while very important, is always at its best when it comes with a healthy dose of humour. Thanks for the reminder i-D.

Tyrone Lebon
i-D online
Lara Stone
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