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The Game of Thrones. a playing card tribute

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Via youthedesigner
I'm a big fan of playing cards, and I'm an even bigger fan of "Game of Thrones". The four major houses lend themselves perfectly to the four card suits. I plan to do the whole set and maybe get them printed. If your interested, here's what i had planned: 
Spades / Stark
King- Ned Stark
Queen- Catlyn Stark
Jack- John Snow 
Diamonds / Lannister
King- Jamie Lannister
Queen- Cersi Lannister
Jack- Tyrion Lannister 
Clubs / Targaryen
King - (undecided)
Queen- Daenerys Targaryen
Jack- Jorah Mormont 
Hearts / Baratheon
King- Stannis Baratheon
Queen- Melisandre
Jack- Davos Seawort 
1- Vaerys
2- Littlefinger 
The aces will be ornate representations of the house sigils and words, there might be a bit of tweaking, but thats the general idea.

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