Educación sentimental para la niña de tus ojos

Out of Nowhere-משום מקום. Maayan Tzuriel

Every morning, an old lifeguard arrives for another day of work, when in fact the swimming pool he guards has been empty for years. 
One day an unexpected guest appears out of nowhere, filling him with doubts about his everyday reality.
How do we face an existence in which one is no longer relevant? How can we continue to live in an illusion?
Two seemingly opposite characters meet in a peculiar situation. When their similarities are revealed, the protagonist is forced to reexamine his life and choose between living a life of sterile existence or stepping outside of his world to discover new horizons

Bezalel Graduation Film 2012- by Isca Mayo & Maayan Tzuriel
Music: Yehu Yaron
Sound design: Yoav Brill

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