Educación sentimental para la niña de tus ojos

Maurie & Eve. Autumn 2013 ‘Paradis Noir’ Fashion Film.

Autumn 2013 sees Maurie & Eve explore the struggles and opposing forces in a young women's search to define herself.

The new collection 'Paradis Noir' embodies the naughty yet nice girl who wants to be bold and confident in a subtle manner, who wants to be heard yet remain anonymous. 
The range is a natural evolution for the label moving on from the Summer’s brightness and frivolity to a more thoughtful and moodier collection. 

Paradis Noir represents two personalities – the dreamy girl who turns to all things pretty and feminine and the fashion forward girl who likes to be different and isn’t afraid to express her contemporary style confidently.

Our seasonal campaign shot by Jordan Graham is a new contemporary direction for the brand, mirroring the depth, luxury and textured feel of the collection.

The "Paradis Noir" short film directed by Manuela Leigh, features Gabby Westbrook-Patrick as our lead filmnoir character. 
In this role Gabby embodies the essence of the collection in every way - moody, dark, thoughtful.... a little girl lost.

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