Educación sentimental para la niña de tus ojos

Jim Van Loo. Fotografía | Photography

Six weeks Barcelona had sharpened my fascination for contemporary architecture and street art. The desolation of urban wastelands, lines and contrasts: I wanted to record more than just holiday memories of a building or a place. Six years experience with digital photography and a constant urge to improve myself help me to catch those vibes, spot samples between everywhere and nowhere. An environment attracts me with its highlights and its ugly sides – and how they can switch in a flash of the eye. I want to show the diversity, without getting mixed up in politics or global issues. I love simplicity; life as such in the world that I call my own. I don’t want to sail by things just like that. Nothing is to be ignored. The wonders of nature and the monsters of concrete: each landscape, organic or artificial, has its secret beauty.  Jim Van Loo

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