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The Beatles: Rock Band Cinematic. Shy the Sun

The Beatles: Rock Band Cinematic. Shy the Sun

Colaboración entre Shy the Sun y Pete Candeland, que se encargaron de diseñar y conceptualizar los personajes de la segunda entrega de The Beatles Rock Band. Shy the Sun otorgó total libertad en el desarrollo de la banda músical

In collaboration between Shy the Sun and Pete Candeland, we were commissioned to design and conceptualize the characters of the second part of the Beatles Rock Band Cinematic. Shy the Sun was given complete freedom in the development of the marching band, have a look at our original character designs before they were modeled in 3D. PS. most of these characters were designed on a boat cruise in the Bahamas whilst drinking tall cocktails.
This amazing cinematic was directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Passion Pictures. Ree designed the CG characters seen in the animal parade from 1:30.
The full credit list can be viewed on our website:

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