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Wing. The Animation Workshop

Wing. The Animation Workshop
Wing es la historia de una criatura de los bosques, solitaria y un tanto diferente de sus congéneres. Acosado por un grupo de cuervos, está decidido a superar su discapacidad. Esta cortometraje esta  desarrollado en The Animation Workshop, academia danesa de animación.

Bachelor film project 2012 from The Animation Workshop.

Story: A solitary, one winged creature called Wing is harassed by a group of oppressive crows due to being weak and different from them. He decides that he wants to overcome his disability and escape from the forest. He builds a catapult and a mechanical wing to accomplish this. When he launches himself away from the forest, the wing malfunctions, and he crashes into the territory of the crows. The crows are about to harm him, but are then lured away by a two-winged humanoid, who the crows attack instead. Wing finds the creature, and discovers it is a female of his own kind, and that the crows have torn one of her wings off. As the crows come towards them, Wing gets the idea that he and the female can fly in tandem by flapping each of their single wings while holding onto each other, and they manage to escape from the forest.

By: Asger Grevil, Mette V. Madsen, Jonas Kirkegaard, Michael Bech 

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